Monday, November 30, 2009

Momma Like: November 2009: Holiday PJ's

One of my favorite family holiday traditions is that the first gift of the year (in our family on Christmas Eve) is a cozy pair of PJ's.  My mother used to wash them in advance so that we could wear them that very night.  This year, I found a sale that may encourage me to continue the tradition!  Check it out at Hanna Andersson today.


  1. Girl, you are on fire! P.S. The pj thing was apparently the tradition in the McNamara household. I finally got on board this year. I like the Advent calendar suggestions. I'm not a fan of the bad chocolate calendars... then again I have fond memories of those too as a child. Keep the good stuff coming!

  2. Miss Kristen, this is my very first posting on any blog... ever. I'm both mortified and apologetic that it's taken so long for me to comment on your amazing articles, but now that I'm finally taking the plunge I hope to be a regular contributor. I've loved scouring your recipes and shopping tips since you started this blog, so KEEP IT UP!!

    Without even realizing that I was stealing your tradition, I went out and bought Christmas pajamas for my girls and their cousin a few weeks ago. A two-year-old and 2 six-month-olds deserve to be cozy on Christmas Eve (once I've gotten to enjoy them in their fancy party dresses for an hour or so, of course!). I wish I'd thought of Hanna Andersson first because the ones in that photo are C-U-T-E! (Maybe I'll score some on sale after Christmas for next year!)