Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Buy of the Day: November 2009

Board and Bowl Series- Maple Brown

Edible Still Life
Sometimes the best thing to cook for a dinner party requires no cooking - a great cheese plate makes every guest melt.  If you are serving an earthy cheese with simple fruit, what better presentation than a Fire Wood Furniture Shop's cutting board and bowl sets.  Each one is unique - the fantastic thing about wood- but better still, these Western Massachusetts partners are committed to using reclaimed wood where possible and domestic sustainable hardwoods where it is not.  The Shop's trademark is the pairing of wood with clay and this set for $39 includes a nut bowl that was impressed with a Redwood Forest pine cone before being fired for a very funky texture.  This would make a great Christmas present (hint, hint, Santa) but even if you are not looking to buy, check out the site for great presentation ideas when preparing a cheese plate.  As my favorite forestry environmentalist likes to say, "wood is good."
If you buy for yourself and are looking to recreate the above with Anjou pears and walnuts, may I suggest a hunk of Shelburne Farms "cultivating conservation" Cheddar, for a full and not overly sharp finish to this fall plate.  

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