Tuesday, January 12, 2010

photo from Real Simple Magazine, September 2009

Looking for nutritious snacks that your kids love, satisfy you and are nutritious for both?  Check out Real Simple for some great suggestions, make a list and bring it to the store so you are stocked.  Nearly all nutritionist agree that a person should have two healthy snacks a day between meals to keep you energized and stave off the cravings for unhealthy foods - this is true for kids as well.  I notice that if my kids miss a snack, they get low on energy and sometimes even grumpy.  Here is my whole food version of the list I use as a go to - and if you are counting calories - these are nearly all under 200: 

1/2 organic whole wheat english muffin with a tbsp. almond butter

endives with light ricotta cheese

2 celery sticks filled with 1 oz. herbed goat cheese

1 clementine, 8 almonds and a mini-disc of Valhrona dark chocolate

A handful of pistachios and 5 strawberries

Apples cut up and dipped in peanut or soy nut butter

a mini-trail mix cup of sliced almonds, dried cranberries and whole grain cherrios

1/2 cup homemade or greek plain non-fat yogurt with raspberries and a sprinkle flax 

A Hard Boiled Egg with salt and pepper and a Stick of Skim String Cheese

WASA or Ak-Mak spread with light ricotta and drizzled with honey

2 cups popcorn popped with 2 tsp. canola oil and sprinkled (for me with Old Bay and for the kids with Cabot Cheese White Cheddar powder)

Happy Snacking!

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