Friday, December 18, 2009

To Do: December 2009: Get Real and Keep it Simple
I usually shy away from parenting advice, particularly on the blog.  What may work for one parent or child may not work for another.  In the midst of the annual holiday baking season, however, I have to remind myself of something that I want to pass on to you.  The perfect holiday is having your family together happy and healthy - not about how perfect the food, the gifts and the decorations are.

Need some perspective this holiday season, check out Conscious Moms, a site that helps you bring it back to what its about - joy.  Alexandra T. Singer, the founder, writes in her letter about having a child with special needs, "Perfectionism is not a worthy goal, for my child, or myself."  The site is loaded with daily meditations and perspectives on parenting that help you feel centered in the craziness of the holiday.

One of my oldest and best friends, and my son's godmother, Danielle, is a full time working woman and full time mom and she is responsible for hosting Christmas Eve for her family every year.  Instead of stressing out and getting grumpy to her kids and her husband trying to get it all done, she orders Chinese Food and everyone has a blast - that everyone includes her.  That's wisdom.  Having a cocktail party this season - buy some Peppermint Bark from Williams-Sonoma, put together a cheese platter, put out a few baguettes with honey mustard, a slab of cheddar and a store-bought rotisserie chicken.  Everyone has fun if you are having fun.  Having me over?  I'll take a hunk of stinky cheese and some holiday M&Ms - I'll bring the red wine.  Happy Holidays.

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