Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Design: December 2009

White Bird Listening to Music on Headphones, Wall, Vinyl, Sticker, Decal

Now that shipping deadlines have come and gone, its okay to shop for the house and not for the holiday!  Wall decals have been the thing this year - the extremely affordable way to add design to your home.  The greatest part about it - pic something cute and trendy for the kids rooms and when they grow out of it, it comes off the wall without damaging wall or paint.  My favorite?  This little birdie from Design Fruit on Etsy who is adorable in your toddlers room, but hip enough with his headphones to transition into the tweens!  The best part - its a work of art in your home for $15.  Tweet Tweet.

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  1. Thanks for posting about the bird. Designfruit is planning to release more vinyl designs next year. We've been brainstorming around the idea of Designs for Designers, and we may expand from there.

    Thanks for the plug.