Monday, October 26, 2009

Design: October 2009

Kelly Wearstler, Modern Moire Cushion - MercurySassari Ikat Cushion - Navy/Natural

If you are not a fan of yet, you will be.  Etsy is a site that allows artisans to have a digitial storefront, without any of the usual costs of setting up one of their own.  You can find anything there from a needlepoint pillow made by a genuine grandmother to a sassy halloween costume, mittens for your kids or amazing home design items.  My new favorite Etsy "shop" is Plum Cushion.  Melanie, the creator, started Plum Cushion to be a "place for people with discerning tastes and real-life budgets to find inspiration." If you like her Etsy store, check out her online blog Plum Cushion filled with sophisticated home touches.

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