Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mamma Like July: Girl's Fashion at Any Price

If you are a mom to a little girl than surely you have made the move where you buy the most beautiful dress for your little lady and realize you've blown the budget. She wears it to preschool one day and its already worn out whereas the affordable Osh Kosh overalls you bought her won't wear out fast enough. Thanks to Target's partnership with Osh Kosh and other kids clothiers, you don't have to do that. Target has some great lines for kids - durable and really getting cuter by the day. My favorite of these is the Osh Kosh but the Cherokee lines are so sweet as well. Check out this dress above on Target.com and this great swing top from Cherokee for $6.99.

If your budget is feeling more flexible - check out the sale going on at Bambeeno cashmere. I know what your thinking... but this cashmere for kids is machine washable, stunning and especially while their summer sale is going, more than very reasonable.

Started by two roommates from Middlebury College in Vermont, these two ladies have mixed business and fashion to come up with the most amazing thing ever invented - cashmere you trust your kids to wear. Check it out at www.Bambeenocashmere.com.

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