Monday, June 1, 2009

Toy: June '09: Gifts for One Year Olds

 Bells and Whistles
                Imaginarium Wood Stacking Train With Sound & Lights -  Toys R Us - Toys"R"Us
Many parents of our generation are on the environmental track and searching for wooden toys that can be handed down over the years; while other parents go the fun route and look for toys that light up and entertain their children.  The Imaginarium Wood Stacking Train is the round trip with all the bells and whistles.   A great gift for a newborn, because it looks adorable in the nursery, it also makes a great gift for a first birthday.  We received this as a gift from a toy savvy friend with three kids (and thousands of cousins).  My son started using it at 6 months and it is his favorite toy at 18 months.  The train comes with three connecting cars the first of which is an engine that, with batteries, can make train sounds and has a front light.  All three cars come with interchangeable stacking blocks of all colors.  Babies love the lights and sound, toddlers love the realistic train noise and stacking fun, and parents will love the motor skills development.  All aboard for $17.99 at


No words required.  Just stinking cute for $22.00.  Check it out at Kitsel - a great online collection for hip parents.

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  1. I just want to say that I fell in love with this train at your house (have already ordered one for my car-obsessed nephew) but I wanted to add that the charm of this train (for me) was that it has a very authentic soft horn sound that actually sounds like a train off in the distance and the front light is soft and pulsates a bit like an authentic train...blew my mind for a simple little toy without being an assault on my senses (like other sound-enabled toys!)