Friday, September 4, 2009

To Do with Kids: September- Back to School Party

Growing up, my mother always made a big deal out of the first day of school. Now that I have my own, I am starting to understand the bittersweet taste of the time that so vividly highlights their growth. You are torn between the joy of seeing them take those first steps into a new classroom and your own sadness of letting them go (and lets face it, a little relief about getting them back into their schedules!) For kids, it is also a double sided coin of excitement and nerves.
To celebrate this big day my mom always greeted us at the bus and walked us home to a party waiting for us. She would get some balloons and a sweet treat and wrap our back to school supplies, new pencil cases and lunchboxes as presents. What a perfect tradition to begin this year, when the economy dictates appreciating the little things. The school supplies are usually must haves, the treats are easy ( might I suggest cupcakes) and for the extra price of a couple of balloons, your kids will feel infinitely special.